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L'Aperitivo parla Inglese con Rute Fonseca

Las Palmas Express

Martedì 25 Ottobre 2022, 19:00
Organizzato da Richard Harris, L'Aperitivo parla, La Maremma delle Idee
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How man made maize
Rute will talk about one of her main interests: how humans have changed the shape, flavor and nutritional content of plants in a relatively short time given the time it usually takes nature to produce the same radical changes.
Specifically, she will tell us how maize was domesticated in the tropical lowlands of Mexico and first carried into the Southwest of the USA by people using two routes, one on the highlands and one by the coast. Once in the USA maize suffered a few more genetic changes adapting to the local tastes and climate.
Rute Fonseca is a bioinformatics expert who has been doing research on the impact of evolution on various species of animals and plants for the last 20 years, starting at Porto University, passing by UC Berkeley and UC Davis, and is currently working as an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen.
L'Aperitivo parla Inglese, per scambiare qualche parola, anche in inglese. Senza sovrapprezzo per la partecipazione.
320 9616302

Las Palmas Express

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