Maremma in Festa

L'Aperitivo parla Inglese con Giannandrea Giammarco

Las Palmas Express

Martedì 11 Ottobre 2022, 19:00
Organizzato da Richard Harris, L'Aperitivo parla, Fvtura
Contatto 320 9616302
L'evento è: Confermato

Categoria: Locali Pub e Ristorazione
Comune di Grosseto

Goodbye Grosseto
Giannandrea has 10 years of experience in finance and asset management, and has lived in different countries, understanding markets and economies, evaluating financial crisis, global problems and also responsibilities. He is a founder of Fvtura, whose aim is the generation of value from the rapid advancement of automation technologies, investing in a future where both machines and humans can flourish. He and his colleagues in Fvtura believed that Grosseto and the Maremma would be fertile territory for their ideas and initiatives, but bureacracy, conservatism (luddism) and close-mindedness have led them to seek fresh pastures.

L'Aperitivo parla Inglese, per scambiare qualche parola, anche in inglese.

Senza sovrapprezzo per la partecipazione.
320 9616302

Las Palmas Express

Via Garibaldi 42