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L'Aperitivo parla Inglese con Chaelin Song



Martedì 29 Marzo 2022, 18:00
Organizzato da La Maremma delle Idee, L'Inglese per tutte le stagioni
Contatto  320 9616302
L'evento è: Confermato
Categoria: Arte Letteratura e Musica
Comune di Grosseto


Chaelin will talk about the best alternative for the current education system - based on her experience with the education system in South Korea.
South Korean people are known as the most educated young people in the world (according to OECD). While having more than 16 years of schooling in Korea, she has realised the deeply rooted problems of this old and rigid education system. It doesn’t teach you or even allow you to make decisions and adapt to the rapidly changing world.

That’s where we at Fvtura started one of our projects: Campus. To share opportunities with people to learn and explore lifetime experiences by mindful teachers, educators, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

Chaelin's professional background is User Experience design (UX/UI design) and digital product design (like designing Google map applications or Skyscanner website or Amazon). She has been working as a UX consultant for various companies, from fast-paced startups to large companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, and multinational companies with cutting-edge technologies.

She went to Singapore in 2018 after years of living in Seoul to get out of her comfort zone and get the ability to live from anywhere she wants to be (And she wasn’t able to speak in English at that time ). And from SG, she met Giannandrea and Fvtura. Since then, we’ve been achieving together to empower people to positively impact society. And we came to Italy, have been building the community and projects with a group of mindful people here.

"L'Aperitivo parla Inglese", un incontro informale che consente ai presenti di scambiare qualche parola, anche in inglese, e di confrontare le proprie esperienze davanti ad un aperitivo.

Senza sovrapprezzo per la partecipazione, si paga soltanto la consumazione.

Info: 320 9616302




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